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  • Well let me tell you good sir, I don't think I've worn another jacket since I've got yours. I don't think I want to either and that's no joke. Great job. It's innovative, classy, and simple.

    Silvio Ciccone

  • Loved it. Length was longer than most shirts. The feel was butterfly wing soft, and the print was crisp. You have a great product! 

    Bill Duncan

  • It's all very soft, and good quality. I love the front because there are no words or anything but it's still very unique

    Ally Sammarco

  • Got my sweatshirt in the mail and I'm already in love. Fits nice, is lightweight, and is comfortable with a simple design

    Egan Fritts

  • It's super comfy and looks really cool. I love it!

    Monica Spooner

  • The clothes are super comfortable, and designs are on point

    Allastair Reid-Miguel

  • I think your clothes are the perfect combination of fashionable, and comfortable. They're perfect for everything from everyday wear to active wear to getting cozy at night. A truly versatile and well-rounded clothing brand. Kudos to you :)

    Lauren Shields

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    It's Never Too Late
  • Be More Than Meets The Eye

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  • Distinction & Power

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Shipping Info

We at Vector Apparel only ship the best of our products, and due to this please note that there will be a 3-5 day printing period in addition to the shipping time. Each piece is custom made, and tested to meet our high standards.